Prints to buy

 As I do not currently have a shop set up on my website, the best way to order a print/canvas is to contact me via the form on the Contact page, state what you would like to order (hovering over the images below reveals their number), then payment details will be made through Paypal for which I will send my details for.  The prices are as follows:

Prints - 8x6 £6.00,
              10x8 £10.00,
              12x8 £14.00 (Comes in matte or glossy finish)

Professional wrap around canvases - Starts from £20.00 at 10x8

For specific sizes please let me know as I can get these tailored to your liking.
 Is there an image that you have spotted on my Facebook/Instagram page but is not in this gallery? Tell me which image you would like to have printed and I will have it printed especially for you!

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